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Turning your vision into reality

Trust us to win your storage wars with a multi-skilled approach.

Quality. Safety. Reliability. Every time.

Site Inspections

With an old school approach, Multirack is happy to come out and do a site inspection.

Racking & Shelving

Elevate your storage efficiency with our expert touch – installations of racking and shelving supplied for businesses across South Africa.


Seamless transformations await – trust us to dismantle, remove, and re-install your existing racking and shelving with precision and care.

2nd Hand & Surplus

Unlock value from your surplus storage solutions – we specialise in purchasing and collecting second-hand racking and shelving in South Africa.

Timber Decking

Your go-to source for fitted SA pine timber decking for your industrial racking.

Optimise your space with our versatile  solutions, designed for efficiency and organisation.

Racking & Shelving

“Industrial storage – where finding the right shelf is a quest as epic as locating your car in a crowded parking lot, but with fewer wrong turns!”

Colin Du Plessis


Multirack offers solutions for your home garage to your warehouse!

Why Choose Us


Decades of expertise in manufacturing and optimizing innovative racking and shelving solutions for seamless organization and storage efficiency.

Future Proofing

Future-proof your space with our cutting-edge racking and shelving solutions, designed for adaptability and scalability.


Elevate your storage experience with unmatched quality in every inch – where durability meets design in our racking and shelving solutions.


Safeguarding your storage journey – our racking and shelving solutions prioritise safety, ensuring your peace of mind in every well organised space.

Careful Thought In Every Step We Take

“Measure twice, cut once”

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