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Elevate your storage game with our versatile racking solutions – where organisation seamlessly meets efficiency.

Optimized Space Utilisation
Enhanced Accessibility
Customisable Configurations
Durability for Long-Term Value


So what is it you want to store?

  • If your product is palletised then we can offer you pallet racking with a carrying capacity of up to 3 tons per level.
  • If your product line is varied then we can offer you a standard duty racking system with a fitted timber deck to allow for easy access.
  • If you have mix of odds and sods then don’t stress Multirack can give you light duty racking to solve the problem.

Multirack also offers second hand racking when stock is available.

Raised Mezzanine Platforms.
With rental space at a premium why not double your capacity with a raised mezzanine platform. Multirack offers a platform that allows you to add double volume to your floor space. If you move premises, don’t worry , the platform is not a fixture so it moves premises with you.

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